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23 October 2017

Is the GOP’s Health Care Plan Worse Than Obamacare

Is the GOP’s Health Care Plan Worse Than Obamacare

Former President Barack Obama, and the Democratic party, came up with the Affordable Healthcare Plan also known as Obamacare. The idea is this: insuring millions of Americans with affordable healthcare. It also makes insurance companies accept all applicants, charge the same rates regardless of pre-existing conditions, and cover a specific list of conditions. The problem is the rates for Obamacare are actually more expensive than some people can afford.

But with Donald Trump as the president now, he told the American people that he would repeal and replace Obamacare. And that is close to happening. The Republican Party has now come up with their own healthcare plan, called the American Health Care Act. The president is also backing the new plan and applauding the GOP for coming up with it.

But most of the country believe that this new bill is terrible. Junior, Max Saberon, expressed his dislike toward the proposed plan, “I don’t like the new healthcare plan. It looks like it would increase rates but will also be cutting coverage which isn’t fair.” According to the Washington Post, it will allow insurance companies to charge more money to older citizens, while also giving a huge tax cut to the rich. Also, Planned Parenthood is suspended from receiving Medicaid for a year. Speaking of Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act insured roughly 14 million people thanks to an expansion of Medicaid. The GOP’s new plan does keep the expansion, but only until 2020. After that, it it does away with it most likely kicking millions of people off the program.

Even some Republicans think the plan is bad. One of Utah’s own senators, Mike Lee said, “This isn’t the Obamacare repeal bill we’ve been waiting for. It’s a missed opportunity and step in the wrong direction.” Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, and former presidential candidate, believes the plan is terrible too, calling it Obamacare Lite. Paul said, “The House leadership Obamacare Lite plan has many problems. We should be stopping mandates, taxes and entitlements not keeping them.” With so much opposition not just from the country, but from strong leaders within the Republican Party, they might want to think about re-writing their plan.

However, things have changed in Washington. Amid some of the Republican doubts on the plan, lawmakers have postponed a vote to repeal and replace Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). Conservative lawmakers felt the health care bill wasn’t good enough to overhaul the old plan. But now President Trump is frustrated with his own party. According to the LA Times, Trumps frustration extends as far as threatening to keep Obamacare in place, and focusing on other issues.

Because of the postponing of the vote, Republicans can now try and make the plan better. House Representative Raul R. Labrador from Idaho, told the LA Times, The problem we have right now is nobody likes this bill. The majority of Americans don’t like this bill, and the majority of Republicans in our districts don’t like this bill. Let’s make it a bill we can all be proud of.” Hopefully they will be successful in making a plan we can all be proud of.

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