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23 October 2017

Saltern Teacher Feature

Saltern Teacher Feature

Amanda Saltern teaches Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Digital Photography. She has been teaching for five years now. “I would have to say Anatomy is my favorite class to teach. I love the body. I love learning about the body, I love talking about the body, I like knowing how it works, and where structures are, and doing labs, that kind of stuff. It’s a fun class,” she said.

She has been married to her husband, Jeremy, for almost four years, and together they have a little boy who just turned two, named Rustyn. “We met shooting in an archery league. I grew up shooting a bow, and archery hunting with my dad. When I was in college, at Utah State, they have a league up there during the winter. I had actually just got a new bow and I went bear hunting with my dad earlier that year. I started shooting in a league and I got put in the same group as my husband, because you shoot in groups. And he found out later that year that I had an elk tag and offered to help me.”

She is the youngest of four kids, with two brothers, and one sister. She was born at McKay Dee Hospital and grew up in Syracuse and in Hooper. Saltern went to Fremont High School, and then to Western Nebraska and Utah State for college. Her favorite classes in school were the ones that she now teaches along with PE. “I actually wanted to teach PE. That’s really what I wanted to teach. I guess that was another of my favorite classes because I played a lot of sports,” Saltern said. “Soccer was probably my number one, but I also did softball, basketball, golf, and archery.”

Her favorite color is orange and she loves John Wayne movies. “I love Mountain Dew, although now I drink diet. FiiZ is always my favorite place to get a drink. Don’t go, it’s addicting. I like to get the sour Mountain Dew with grape in it. And I love to eat beef jerky, it’s probably my favorite thing to snack on.”

Saltern has two dogs, German Shorthairs, hunting dogs of course. She also has three horses and a pony. “I grew up with a pony, so my little boy’s going to grow up with a pony too.”

She enjoys a lot of outdoor hobbies with her husband. “Yeah, I have horses, so I like to ride my horses a lot, especially during the summer. It’s actually what we did when we started dating, we just went horseback riding. That was a requirement when I got married, I had to marry someone that liked horses. I’ve been around horses my whole life. I do a lot of that, and camping. I like to fly-fish, I like the outdoors.”

Saltern also loves hunting. She’s been hunting with her dad since she can remember. She does different types of hunting all year. “Well, it starts in August with archery season, so deer and elk. We do what’s called the Dedicated Hunter Program so we can hunt archery, muzzle-loader rifle, or until you kill a deer, so we do that every year. But then after that is over, we go into pheasant hunting and ducks, so that’s what we have the dogs for.”

She loves country music, but she likes other genres when she’s doing various things.  “I listen to a lot of country, probably a given, but I try and listen to others. I don’t know, it depends on the day. I listen to a lot of different stuff. So like if I’m running or working out, it’s gotta be something other than like country. You can’t jam out, really.” Her all time favorite songs are “Fishin’ in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, or “Chilling on a Dirt Road” by Jason Aldean.

If she had a million dollars, she would do various different things. She would clear off all debt, then buy lots and lots of land, as much as she wants for her horses and then build a huge barn for her horses and pets.

Saltern is a wonderful teacher, she was Teacher of the Month last month. She is a fantastic person with a great sense of humor, a big heart, and a beautiful smile. She is kind, brilliant, and an all-around adventurous gal. “My parents never limited me on what I could try. I was just always trying something different.” If you haven’t met Mrs. Saltern, take one of her fun classes. We Lakers are so lucky to have a teacher like Saltern here at Bonneville!

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