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23 October 2017

Story of Creation; Creating a Stir in Ogden

As if you weren’t aware, Bonneville High put on the production of The Children of Eden for the ‘16/’17 school year.

This recent month Bonneville’s theater department has been advertising the school’s play, which was been a success. Friday, March 10th was the theater’s opening performance and ran through Monday, the 20th.


Sitting among the audience to see the production myself, I had no background knowledge of The Children of Eden or what it was about; to my surprise I discovered it was the story of how life came to be. This two-act musical, is based on the book of Genesis. The composer of Wicked uses bible stories to follow ‘Father’ as he experiences parenthood. Act one tells the story of Adam and Eve and act two expresses the story of Noah and the flood. “I have never walked out of a production feeling that good. Everyone go see Children of Eden, it’s amazing” said Navy Hymas.


It is easily visible that both the cast and crew have put a lot of hard work and dedication into this recreation of our creation. “One word I’d use to describe the cast of this show would be united or strong,” said soloist, Emily Ballard. The cast had started rehearsals and practice as soon as school came back into session from Christmas Break.

Though the cast and crew did an astounding job with the various performances, a big round of applause goes to the director of the show Alane Schultz and the stage manager Sara Lawrence. “I have no words to describe this show! Nine dollars gave us the best entertainment! I was so amazed. People need to see this show!” Said J. Taylor.

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