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23 October 2017

Study Tips

School comes with notes, assignments, tests, essays, quizzes, etc. So when you have no way to keep the information you need in your head, things that should be simple, tend to become real issues. Studying tips aren’t hard to come by, so here are some that have worked far and wide, and maybe one might work out for you.

  • You could use flashcards while you study, whether you make them yourself or even buy them. There are many ways the cards can help you study depending on how you use them.
  • Create a mind map. They are little collaborations of pictures and words, helping your brain connect certain information with an image.
  • Make a checklist, it helps you mark off the assignments or topics that you have and haven’t completed yet.
  • Play instrumental music in the background. It helps stimulate your brain activity thus helping you hold on to the information you’re bringing in.
  • Color code your notes, not only will it help you be more organized but it will help you correlate a topic with a color and while looking through your notes you’ll be able to see the certain topics without digging when you need to study them.

Bailey Wolford, a senior, said, “ Every time I feel like giving up and not studying, I look at the quotes and they remind me that nothing will come easy or free, and I have to constantly work for it.” The certain quotes that help her out are, “Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because they can never take it away from you. Study because you want to know more. Study because it enhances you. Study because it grows you,” and “To be successful your focus has to be so intense that others think you’re crazy.”

Just as Wolford finds inspiration to study through quotes, you can find inspiration with these creative study tips.

Everyone learns and studies differently, but if none of these work for you, Pinterest has a gigantic section of study tips that you can use for your benefit. Good luck in your studying.


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