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23 October 2017

Windy’s Sukiyaki

Windy’s Sukiyaki

Ever had an immense craving for sushi? Yeah, neither have I. But you see, I had to force myself to have even the slightest desire to try it because of this article, and I have to say, overall it wasn’t all that bad. The quality of said experience probably had a lot to do with the restaurant and it’s environment.

Located at 3809 Riverdale Road, Windy’s Sukiyaki can easily be missed. But once you’ve had the privilege of dining here, it’s not easily forgotten. With menu items ranging from shrimp tempura to Yakisoba to Dessert Rolls, you’re nearly guaranteed to find something to curb your craving here.

The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming from the minute we walked in the door. We were asked if we’d like a private tea room, then upon declining, wound up seated in a general seating area, which seemed to be just as private as a tea room. The employees were all very welcoming and willing to help, even though they weren’t our server.

My, we’ll call her a colleague for lack of better word, and I decided to order the Caterpillar roll, a first taste at sushi for myself. Overall it wasn’t a bad choice, especially if you aren’t into the whole raw fish thing like myself. The roll had BBQ eel, avocado, cucumber and a sweet eel sauce. Though the eel was slightly undercooked and slightly overpriced, it was well worth it for a first try.  Along with the sushi, we were served a Wonton soup which, turns out, works wonders for a cold.

For a main course, I tried the Hibachi Chicken Donburi, which had Teriyaki chicken, an assortment of vegetables, and a whole lot of rice. My colleague tried the Sukiyaki with tofu. An ideal dish for any vegetarian, it has vegetables and tofu, stewed in a sweet broth with a side of rice.

A.J. Hunt, a sophomore, said, “I think it’s good, I mean it’s not quantity over quality, but they give you enough food for the price you pay. It’s a good place to go if you’ve never had legit oriental food.”  Quite a true statement, too.

And when  you go out to eat, you can’t just not order dessert. Although there aren’t very many dessert options, the ones they have are worth a try. We ordered the dessert sushi roll, which sounds kinda sketchy, right? Turns out it’s actually pretty good. It’s a ‘sushi roll’ of seasonal fruit, which happened to be strawberry, and cream cheese in a dessert soy paper wrap, served with vanilla ice cream and a honey glaze.

All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad experience, though slightly on the expensive side, it definitely places high on my recommendation list.  


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