11:56 pm
12 December 2018

Getting Ready for the Season with George Garcia

Getting Ready for the Season with George Garcia
Picture Credit: Jazzy Bollwinkel

by: Quinn Michaels


“I remember sophomore year I thought it would be fun but the uniform was super unappealing,” Senior George Garcia said, remembering how he got into wrestling.  “The following year, Mr. Craner started coaching and approached me about wrestling so I thought I’d give it a try. After the first few practices, I learned to love it.”


Garcia enjoys wrestling because of how competitive and individualistic the sport is. “It really helps build discipline because it’s just you and your opponent competing to prove who’s best and when you lose you can only blame yourself.”


Even though Garcia likes the individual aspect of wrestling, he definitely supports his team. This year, Garcia is a captain for the team. As a captain he is looking forward to seeing the new wrestlers improve, “It’s crazy how much the new kids improve when they’re willing to put in the work.”


Garcia is more than a wrestler. During a typical school day, he can be seen fulfilling his duties as the SBO president. You can also catch him studying chemistry or math, as they are his favorite subjects. Speaking of chemistry and math, Garcia’s dream job is chemical engineering. “I want to go into chemical engineering but if that doesn’t work out, I’d like a job where I can help people.”


Here are some other things to know about Garcia. His favorite band? A Mexican band called Mana. Favorite TV shows? “I can binge watch The Office or Trailer Park Boys all day, any day.” Best place to go for lunch? “I love going home for lunch because it’s inexpensive and I can make a mean quesadilla.” Garcia’s hype song is Lose Yourself  by Eminem. If he won the lottery, he would put all of the money in the bank so after college he can start a business. The best advice Garcia has ever received is from his dad who said, “If you’re gonna do something, do it right the first time.”


When it comes to balancing life as an SBO, a wrestler, and a student, Garcia has some words of wisdom of his own. “Time management is really big and knowing how much you can juggle, but there’s a lot of times where you have to prioritize.” It’s not just about what you need to do, but what you need to realize, “It’s impossible to make everyone happy and it’s a sad thing to realize but you’ve got to try your best to do everything to the best of your ability.”


As you can see, apart from being a great athlete, George Garcia is an awesome person. We are proud to call him a Laker and can not wait to see what fantastic things happen for him this wrestling season.

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