11:56 pm
12 December 2018

Guns Control: What side are you on?

Guns Control: What side are you on?
Pro-Gun Control March in Washington.

by: Jazzy Bollwinkel


One out of three Americans say that they own a gun. I personally do not own a gun, but I know how to shoot one. Do you know how to use a gun? I asked 64 students if they have guns in their house, 47 do. Out of those 47 students, 34 of them know how to use it.


Ninety-three Americans a day are shot and killed. In 2017 alone there have been over 300 shootings where three or more people are shot.. Americans are angry and scared. They demand for President Trump to do something. Many people want gun laws to be changed, but the second amendment makes it hard. So many people are asking what Congress is going to do, but really we should be asking, what can Congress do?


As many people know, you have to go through a background check to get a gun legally and other courses and tests to get a conceal to carry license. Unfortunately, there many people who sell or obtain them illegally which also makes it hard to pass gun control laws.


Junior Connor Holland said, “Taking guns from law abiding citizens leaves them defenseless. We can’t just take guns away or take control. The solution is to educate people like a gun safety class in schools.” I think it’s a good idea to educate people on gun safety especially teens. Bonneville should look into getting a gun safety elective course.


Senior Gabi Stofferahn said, “Taking away or making it harder to get guns is against the second amendment. Making someone take a class before they get a gun is like making someone take a class before they can use their freedom of speech. The solution is to just get rid of military weapons. Citizens don’t need them.” Stofferahn makes a valid point that the second amendment makes it hard to change gun control laws. I agree with her when she said that citizens do not need military weapons.


Current Events teacher and South Ogden Mayor-Elect Russ Porter agreed with Stofferahn and said, “Gun control needs to focus more on military style guns such as semi-automatic or ones that contain a high bullet count. There’s no need for them.”


My personal favorite opinion was on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from Social Studies teacher, Shawn Fessler. “I think we should be like Australia and England and completely do away with the second amendment completely. Take all guns from citizens. Only military and police should have guns.”


In my research, I discovered that the Second Amendment does not protect citizen’s right to own guns are much as you think. When the Second Amendment was written, its aim was to protect standing state militias.  As recently as 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that the second amendment applies to citizens that are not a part of state militias.  Prior to that, they ruled several times that the rule only applied to state militias.  


With the gun control issues, the only thing citizens can do is educate ourselves. It use to be that if you received a gun in one state you could only carry it in that state. Now congress passed that if you receive a gun in any state you can carry it anywhere. If it was up to me, citizens would not have guns.

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