12:36 am
13 December 2018

Lakette: Lindsay Burdett

Lakette: Lindsay Burdett
Lindsay Burdett: Lakette.

by: Savannah Stott


Grade: Senior


Best part of being a Lakette: “The greatest part of being a Lakette is performing, whether that it is at a football game or region.”


Becoming a Lakette: “My whole life I have danced to become a Lakette!”


Competitions, Good or bad: “I love competitions! Drill is very competitive, the competitions get intense and very fun. All of the hard work we have done pays off.”


She has been dancing since she was two years old so almost 16 years of her life.


College: University of Utah


Favorite thing about school: “Seeing all my friends every single day.”


Dream Job: News Broadcaster


Comfort Food: “Hands down, Ice Cream is the greatest comfort food of all time!”


Fast food to live for: Taco Time


If you won the Lottery what would you do with it?: “First thing, I would open a Karaoke Club, then probably save it for the future.”


A show to binge watch: The Office and Friends.


Senior Lindsay Burdett, is the Vice President on The Lakettes. Burdett’s daily routine is to practice, write papers, practice again, eat, and sleep a lot. Burdett says “ I do not have much of a social life” because “school takes up most of my time”.  With being a full time Lakette and a full time student, Burdett juggles her life with constantly being on top of everything. Burdett is in many Honors and AP classes as well as everything she already does. Burdett focuses on the good never the bad, and that is why her dreams are becoming a reality.

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