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12 December 2018

Ramen Haus: Your New Favorite Restaurant

Ramen Haus: Your New Favorite Restaurant

by: Quinn Michaels


Ramen Haus is a new Japanese restaurant in Ogden. It is located at 2550 Washington Blvd. It is open every day besides Monday and Tuesday from 11:30am to 3pm and then 5pm to 9pm. With modern tables and chairs and Thomas Edison bulbs, Ramen Haus has an aesthetic that fits right here in Ogden.

One thing you will notice about Ramen Haus is that at every table, along with the chopsticks and napkins there are huge flasks of chilled water, which is good, because the other drinks they offer range from $3 a bottle and up. They offer bottled soda and mocktails along with the water at the table. The bottled Coke and the Text on the Beach mocktail (a cocktail without alcohol)  are the best drinks besides water.

In addition to their varieties of ramen, Ramen Haus offers many different types of Japanese food. Their appetizers include gyoza (Pork Dumplings), Soybeans, and their own Haus wings, among many others. They also have many rice bowl options.

The best appetizers are the haus wings and the soybeans. The haus wings are lollipopped (the meat is pushed to the top of the wing for cleaner eating) and they are drizzled in a special house sauce and black sesame. The soybeans are just steamed and salted but they are the perfect appetizer because they are so easy and light to eat.

Pictured: Soybeans and Haus Wings

Some additional recommendations on the menu for appetizers are the pork gyoza and the shoyu-batata enoki mushrooms. The gyoza are good because who doesn’t like dumplings? The shoyu-batata enoki mushrooms are small Japanese mushrooms that are sauteed in garlic and butter and are incredibly tasty.

By far the best entree is the vegetarian ramen. With a miso broth, spinach noodles, fried tofu, and a bunch of different vegetables- the vegetarian ramen is full of flavor and more than enough to eat. Some honorable mentions on the menu for entrees are the braised beef rice bowl and the spicy pork ramen. Both are the better of the meat options, but I recommend the vegetarian ramen over everything else.

Pictured: Vegetarian Ramen

Along with the great food, Ramen Haus has an awesome wait staff. It is obvious that they want to give you the best dining experience they can. There is always someone checking up on you and making sure everything tastes good and someone is always ready to help you if you need something. Every time I have eaten there one of the owners always comes by to see if we are enjoying everything, especially if we are eating a particular thing slowly compared to the rest.

They also have your best interest at heart. For instance, when I went with my family, my sister did not like any of the entree options so she ordered a side of rice with a bunch of things she wanted in it like corn, spinach, and bacon. With all of the things she ordered, she practically just ordered one of the rice bowls they offer without meat on it, but at a much higher price than the offered bowl because each item was priced as an add in. So, instead of just charging us the much higher price to give my sister exactly what she ordered, the owner came up and explained to my little sister about the entree and suggested that she get that instead.

Every aspect of Ramen Haus combined makes it a great new restaurant in Ogden that I suggest you try. It is definitely going to be a very popular spot during dances for Bonneville and rightfully so. The atmosphere, personable wait staff, and the lighter food options are better than the usual boring Italian food. The menu prices are cheaper for a more upscale restaurant so it will not break the bank if you are going on a date. Also, they are a fabulous local restaurant to support.

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