11:56 pm
12 December 2018

Sophomore vs Senior Year

Sophomore vs Senior Year
Kya Reyes and Jeff Monitgue walking alongside.

by: Breanna Gonzales


Bonneville Lakers have all been there..sophomore year. A year full of nervousness and excitement. It is the beginning of a new chapter in your life called high school. Sophomores have no idea what is in store for them.

Sophomores in high school link up with their besties from junior high, and think the friendship will last a lifetime. However, this all changes once you start your senior year. Friendships end and new ones begin. It is part of the changing and growing. Ashton Loftus, a senior, said “All your friends don’t stick with you from junior high to high school, everybody changes… they get their own friends and girlfriends, or they get caught in sports or whatever it is they want to do in life.”


Friendships are not the only thing that changes. Your appearance does as well. Puberty hits you like none other. You begin to look more mature and lose that adolescent look. Bonneville seniors have all glanced back at their sophomore pictures and cringed. Ethan Cabading, a senior, said, “Personally, my confidence as a person.” Seniors thank puberty. Meanwhile, sophomores are still in that awkward stage, but do not worry, you will get there.


In addition to your appearance, classes become simpler once you begin your senior year. Your freshman, sophomore, and junior year are mainly core classes. By senior year, you should be pretty much done with core classes. This leaves you with mostly electives to take and everyone knows those are the funnest. Ben Claycomb, a senior, said, “I think classes are a lot easier.” Whether it is friends, appearance, or class difficulties, change is inevitable. It is bound to happen. Bonneville Lakers let’s welcome change with open arms.

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