11:56 pm
12 December 2018

Time to Suit up for the Snow

Time to Suit up for the Snow
With cold temperatures approaching, this is a picture of someone fully prepared for the snow.

by: Christian Soria-Navarro


There is no time like snow time! A cold climate is approaching and no doubt that we are going to need to prepare to buy some fresh snow apparel to stay safe, warm, and comfortable. Advances made in snow gear from season to season are usually incremental at best. With winter sports evolving yearly, companies are trusted to make quality products. There is a big debate on if top of the line brands are worth their price, while others say low end brands are not reliable enough. High-end brands are trusted for durability, fit, and stylish gear to stay fresh season after season. Non high-end brands still keep you warm and comfortable, and when properly cared for, they will remain useful.


Whether you are preparing for knee deep powder in the mountains, or just the cold in the city, it is extremely important to stay extra warm, but also comfortable. There is an endless variety of apparel to choose from it just comes down to your preference. The best products are made by brands that have spent years evolving gear to its full potential. Some of the gear might not be as affordable as others, but the technology that is supporting it is what makes them the top competitors. New apparel still gets the job done, most brands are always developing new technology and utilizing the best practices to produce warm and safe gear.


The North Face, a brand known to keep you warm in the coldest, most unforgiving temperatures. This brand has been manufacturing top of the line gear for more than 50 years. When you buy North Face gear you can guarantee that it is going to be grade A products. Equally important, Columbia Sportswear has been making gear for over 70 years, this brand is known worldwide to manufacture dry, cool, and protection no matter what. Another top competitor is Spyder. Spyder is a Colorado based brand that is a longtime official apparel partner of the U.S. Ski Team. When you buy a Spyder garment, you are definitely benefiting from the decades of experience that the brand has.


With all the phenomenal snow we receive in Utah yearly, we have the great opportunity to choose from many local stores to get what is needed to stay warm. Alpine Sports has some of the best selections of all new gear and warm stylish apparel. Thanks to their hand-picked inventory, it sets them apart from other locations providing a variety of options. A top choice for many people is Gear:30, known for having a large selection of gear and products. They are also known for some of the best deals in the area, allowing them to prepare you for any adventure. The time is now to prepare for the winter as it is going to be a cold one. Stay safe and dress warm!

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