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13 December 2018

Why Snowboarders Suck

Why Snowboarders Suck
Skiers and snowboarders getting along for once.

by: Kambrie Hall

Many people have disputes about whether skiing is better than snowboarding. Depending on who you ask the answers may vary.


But my answer is: skiing is the best.  Let me tell you why.


The first reason is skiing is more common around the school. Even the people that regularly snowboard know how to ski. Senior Jo Mimnaugh said, “I usually snowboard because I am better at it, but I really enjoy skiing and do it whenever I get the opportunity.”


The second reason is it there are some resorts that only allow skiers. Those resorts are Deer Valley and Alta. They do not allow snowboarders in their resort. This makes it so there is less confrontation amongst the people. It also makes an accident less likely to occur. There are no snowboarding only resorts.

The third reason is snowboarders are always getting in the way. They like to sit just over the  edge of a hill. When you are coming down from the hill above you cannot see them. You just mosey along then all of the sudden you have to hurry and turn just so you don’t hit them.


The fourth reason is Snowbasin is the the most popular resort around here. Snowbasin is called a ski resort, not a snowboard resort. Sophomore Cole Vanorman said,  “I get a season pass to Snowbasin every year because it has good down hill skiing and good park skiing, along with the most delicious food.” Even the resort acknowledges that skiing is better since all of their merchandise has a skier on it and/or says “ski” on it.


The fifth reason is there are many more tricks to do on the rails and jumps when you are skiing. The tricks are also a lot more cool to watch. Senior Josh Russo said, “I have both skied and snowboarded but skiing is definitely more fun. I love to try new and difficult tricks on the rails. I try to compete against my friend Alex, because I hope to be as good as him one day.” There are many different types of rails you can hit and they are more natural for the people who ski. They have more balance and more control over whatever it is they are trying to do.


The sixth reason is snowboarders are always cutting people off. Since snowboarders are always turned to one side they are totally blind to what is behind them. When you try to ski past them they turn suddenly and cut you off. Junior Jadrian Flitton said, “ They are always cutting me off left and right. They are the puke of the earth.”


The seventh and final reason is snowboarders are just plain rude. One time senior Mallory Shaw and I took our friend senior Hannah Burton skiing for the first time. She had been doing okay, just falling a lot. We were taking the easy way down the hill when one of her skis fell off, so me being a nice friend stopped to help her. I got her ski back on and helped her up and started pushing her on her way. Once she was going I got myself all situated and was just about to go on my way when a snowboarder going 100 miles per hour hit me straight on. He hit me so hard I felt like a little gazelle getting attacked by a lion. I remember him hitting me and then me all of the sudden being at the bottom of the hill with no skis or helmet on anymore and just being really confused. Then he came up to me and yelled at me for getting in his way and was blaming the whole thing on me. He kept swearing at me and calling me a very mean name. Then he just went on his way like nothing ever happened. He never asked if I okay; he was just a plain jerk about everything. I somehow skied to the bottom of the hill and then I sat down and the doctors at the resort came over to see how I was. They told me that I had a concussion. While they were checking me I saw the guy that hit get to the bottom of the hill he looked at me and rolled his eyes and ran away.


This is why snowboarders suck!

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