11:56 pm
12 December 2018

Winter Sports Are Just Around the Corner

Winter Sports Are Just Around the Corner
With winter sports coming around, this is a picture of a skier flying through the sky.

by: Kortni Savage


The extravagant time of the year is approaching us rapidly. The snow comes plowing down and that means the winter sports are coming around the corner. It should not surprise anybody that with the greatest snow on Earth comes with some of the best sports. These include skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, and even extreme winter tubing. Alondra Soto, a senior, said, “I can’t wait to go sledding.”


A great place to find most of these sports is at the Utah Olympic Park. The Olympic Park will begin their winter activities on December 23, 2017, so be prepared! One of the most popular activities that is there is the winter bobsled experience. It costs $175 and reservations are required. A pro pilot takes you down the entire length of the track, for a chilling experience.


If you are planning on hitting the slopes, the highest rated place is Snowbird in Sandy. Snowbird is known for having world-class snow and long seasons. Although that may sound great, this ski resort is not suited for beginners. A great place for beginners is Deer Valley in Park City. For Deer Valley, be prepared for just skiing because they do not allow snowboarding. Lexi Endo, a sophomore, said, “I love skiing, especially in Park City.”


Is skiing too boring? Well to spice it up you could ski uphill while attached to a kite. Skyline Drive in Sanpete County is hands-down the most popular place for snow-kiting in the state. The terrain of Skyline Drive includes miles and miles of ridge lines, a few man-made terrain park features, mixed in with flat and a gently sloped terrain. The ambitious people can cover 100 miles on skis or a snowboard in a single day without a chairlift ruining the ride.


If you are feeling quite courageous, another winter option is scaling a frozen waterfall. In the Provo Canyon the waterfall is covered in ice on both sides. There is a variety of different routes, easy routes for the newbies and advanced ones for the fearless. The Provo Canyon waterfall is one of the most popular climbing destinations in Utah. The world-class waterfall, called Stairway to Heaven, gets a lot of attraction in winter, so go on an icy hike!


Looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy? Tubing is great for kids and anyone else who wants to feel like a kid again. While going down the slope, the tube can gain speeds up to 50 miles per hour! A fantastic place to go extreme winter tubing is Gorgoza Park in Park City. Sophomore Melina Rosser said, “It’s definitely for little kids, but I still had fun there.”


Are you more of a fishing kind of guy? Well no fear, the weather may be drowsy but the fishing season still occurs. Pineview Reservoir is an excellent place to go ice fishing. Fishing from depths from 15 to 35 feet of water. The size is 2,874 acres and the vast majority of fish are Large-Mouth Bass. Every year is different though, so make sure to check the ice condition updates to know.


Surprisingly, another winter sport is swimming. Swimming usually beings in the month of November and is a popular sport. In Park City, they have a huge pool to train at. It costs $75 for a five-day visit. It is known for being quite fancy and is right by the Olympic Park. We have our own swimming team here too.


To conclude, winter sports are barely here. Winter starts Thursday, December 21, hopefully it starts snowing before then. Whether you plan on skiing, sledding, ice fishing there are many options to consider. So, get out the equipment and hit the slopes, or whatever winter activity you prefer. The snow awaits!

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