11:56 pm
12 December 2018

Apple are you ripping us off?

Apple are you ripping us off?

Is Apple Company purposely ruining the old iPhone’s and their old products so we spend more money on their new products? Apple says the updates are supposed to improve and fix security and small problems on the iPhone. The most recent update for iPhones made it where when you type ‘i’ it changed to a ‘?.’ Apple sent out another update to fix that problem. People who update their iPhones warned other iPhone users not to update because it ruined their battery.


They recently had the iPhone X or (iPhone Ten) and the iPhone Eight come out. The iPhone X was more the rage then the iPhone Eight.The iPhone X has no home button, a face ID, stainless steel, improved battery life, wireless charger, and many more features. The price for the iPhone X is $999. Apple comes out with new iPhones every year.They market them as lighter, faster, and better. It’s a must have (or is it?).


Conspiracy goes around that apple is purposely ruining their phones with updates so we have to buy the new ones. People believe Apple designs the iPhone to slow down exactly around the time the new iPhone comes out. Catherine Rampell also spoke on this subject saying, “When the new iPhone came out, the battery life on my iPhone 4 died faster. So you could pay $75 for a new battery or spend $20 more dollars and get the new iPhone 5c. It seemed like Apple was sending me a not-so-subtle message to upgrade.”  Also why do we need to buy screen protectors? Why not make a stronger phone?


There have been many people with similar problems all who still swear by their iPhones. Apple spoke out to see these problems saying two things: “Breaking iPhones on purpose risks losing customers, and the slowdown is inevitable. Secondly bigger and better software features often require faster hardware.” One thing to learn is, except for small updates on your iPhone, do not upgrade the operating system.


We do not require our iPhones to become better, but we definitely do not want our iPhones to become worse. Androids do not have nearly as many updates and seem to have a good battery life and not as slow. You can see iPhone users seem to be losing patience with the products. All-in-all we won’t know if Apple is ruining their products unless someone finds serious evidence and facts.

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