11:54 pm
12 December 2018

No Money? No problem!

No Money? No problem!

by: Taitum Wangsgard


Christmas is coming up really fast this year. To me it feels like we just skipped over November all together. Have you been saving for Christmas? If not, we got you! We have some great gift ideas and cute homemade wrapping for you to try out at home.


Chloe Gregerson, a junior, has made lots of gifts. She is most proud of one in particular, “I Made my friend Quinn a flower crown for her birthday. I probably spent an hour and a half making it and it only cost me about $15, but I also bought extra materials,” she said. “ I was glad I made this for Quinn, I think she’s the type of person to pull that off. When you make these gifts you can really personalize it to who you are giving it to.”


Dex Cowley, a senior, enjoys making gifts for his friends and family. “I’ve probably made two to three gifts in the past year. A specific one only cost me $3.00 at the dollar store and it only took me about two and a half hours. Making the gift myself definitely makes a better impact on the person than when you give them a store bought gift,” he said. “ I enjoy getting homemade gifts. I could tell it was homemade, but it makes it so much more meaningful than just getting one from a store.”


The first gift idea is Water Colored Mugs. You will need: a white mug, painter’s tape, rubbing alcohol, multiple colors of alcohol ink, thin paint brushed, and dishwasher-safe decoupage glue. First, take your mug and put one strip of painter’s tape all the way around the top of it. Second, flip it upside down and with a small brush put rubbing alcohol on every part of the surface of the mug. Third, grab another brush and paint on the alcohol ink. You can use multiple colors or just one (the ink will run down your mug so make sure you put the ink in just the right pace). Let that dry and you can then paint on the dishwasher safe decoupage glue to seal it. Lastly, take the tape take off and you have yourself a beautiful new mug! If you have any questions here is a visual example of all the steps: twitter.com/thediycrafts/status/907024375936716800


The other idea, is how to make homemade wrapping paper. The supplies you will need are: a lint roller, thin panty liners, green paint, a plate, and paper that will fit your gift. First, you will take your panty liners and try your best to cut them out like a pine tree (you will need 2-3 trees). Second, you will peel off the paper on one of the side of the panty liners. Third, that you will then stick them onto the lint roller however you like. Fourth you will put your green  paint onto the plate and roll the lint roller in it (you only want the trees to have paint on them so be careful on how you dip it). Lastly, roll the lint roller on the paper and you should have nice green pine trees on your paper! For any questions you can watch this helpful tutorial which also has other gift wrapping ideas:



If you can take the time and make a gift, it might surprise you how much the person actually loves it! It is not how much you spend on a gift that matters, it is the thought put into it. So if you do not have any money this holiday season do not worry, just get your craft on and make the gift yourself!


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