06:42 am
21 February 2019

Cuffing Season Has Begun. Everyone Run And Hide Unless You Wanna Be Dumped After The Holidays

Cuffing Season Has Begun. Everyone Run And Hide Unless You Wanna Be Dumped After The Holidays
Cuffing is the best time of the year! You can't say that you don't wanna hold hands with someone like this couple.

by: Rachel Redd


Some of you might be wondering what cuffing season actually is. Well cuffing season is basically when holidays come around and no one wants to be alone. Cuffing season is just so single people are with someone they can take to parties, kiss on new year’s ,have someone on valentines, etc. In the end they more than likely breakup or one person breaks it off. Not everyone breaks up, some people do stay together.


So how can you become a pro at cuffing and not getting attached? It’s not possible, truly anyone who gets attention from someone they think is attractive, I wanna think they’d get attached. Unless you both went into this having them as a last resort. The worst part of all some people don’t even know they’re getting cuffed they think they are finally in a relationship.


I asked some students around bonneville their opinions on cuffing season. Senior Megan Hays said “Honestly I’m getting weak and want a  boo to love and cuddle and spoil and grow with and be my best friend. But honestly I’d probably catch feels and then get my heart broken so screw cuffing season. My “I don’t need no man” attitude is fading.”  Most girls said things similar to this, boys had a less caring opinion. A few gave a short comment like “its cool” or “I love it.”


Just know cuffing season is for the single people.Do not ruin something who’s down for you just because it’s cuffing season.Cuffing season can lead to good and long relationships, all depends on the person. Many benefits come from cuffing so I guess that’s why everyone loves it and why cuffing is an actual word. All in all cuffing season is here, you shouldn’t run; just hide and put your social media accounts on private.

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