06:08 am
21 February 2019

Registering into the Right Classes for You!

by: Racquel Frisbie


When registering for your classes, many students do not take advantage nor even notice the individualism found in each and every course. In identifying needs and wants during your high school experience, enrolling in classes that are more to your liking create more benefits rather than falling into courses at random.


Choosing a class that you find interesting can create motivation, bettering your learning experience with a positive attitude. This initiative also creates a healthy learning atmosphere resulting in a more engaging you, in more engaging class! When registering for your classes next year, there are certain factors in which you should heavily ponder:


  • Application- Are you willing to complete all assignments necessary under your very best work in a considerable amount of time?
  • Difficulty- Are the classes you are enrolling for challenging enough to push you next year? Are they too difficult for you and will they cause tension in your schedule?
  • Personal Interest- Are the classes you are enrolling for appealing to you? Do they support your needs and wants for your education?
  • Future Preferencing- Will enrolling in your preferred classes help better you for college? Will they supply you with the tools necessary for absolute comprehension?


After consideration, talk to your school counselor who may also provide advice and answers to any other concerning questions. Regardless of whether or not you know what you would like to become in the future, counselors are there to provide support throughout your high school career and are always free to help! Any other questions regarding particular concerns can be taken straight to the teacher of your choice and subject.


Picking the right courses is crucial to the foundation of your education! Sticking to what you love, whilst pushing yourself to try different things can broaden perspective and may also help better you as an individual; obtaining and practicing responsibility and developing healthy habits in a more appealing manner. In order to enroll in the classes of your choosing, take time out of your day and sign up as early as you can to ensure a reservation.


For further questions, comments or concerns make sure to schedule an appointment with your Guidance Counselor!

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