06:42 am
21 February 2019

The Little Mermaid: Is it Worth Seeing?

The Little Mermaid: Is it Worth Seeing?

by: Quinn Michaels


The spring musical, The Little Mermaid, is in full effect right now. This musical has been hyped up since the end of last school year so did it meet its expectations? Short answer: YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! But this is a review so lets break down this production.


The set is incredibly designed and adds so much to the show. The lights create a whimsical feel for the whole auditorium. The individual sets are completely immersive. It really feels like you’re under the sea. One thing I did not like was the projection in the back of the stage. They use a screen to project parts of the set and the play that I didn’t feel was necessary because on top of the story and the actual set making everything obvious without the screen, the projections were poorly drawn / poorly edited.


For instance, they would project a part of a ship to show that Eric and the sailors were on a ship but the actual set made it obvious enough. Also, any time Ariel swam to the surface, there was a poorly edited video that would show her swimming. When they showed this video, there were many chuckles in the audience, laughing at the weirdly cropped green screen video. I feel like this projection thing made the production seem less professional and more immature.


The musical itself was insanely good. Everyone had amazing vocals. The leads left me with chills multiple times throughout the show. Ursula (played by Abbey Daniels) in particular had awesome vocals throughout the show and her parts were oozing with personality. The rest of the cast should also be acknowledged too because I don’t think there was a single part of the show where I wasn’t left in awe of the performances.


The dances were super entertaining. My favorite dance was the seagulls’ tap dance. You can tell that the cast has been practicing hard for a long time and that it paid off because when watching them perform, it is easy to forget that they are just high schoolers.


This show is entertaining for everyone. You definitely don’t want to miss out! Get out and see it before it ends on the 23rd. Make sure you use your favorite cast members’ promo code when buying your tickets!

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