04:07 pm
14 October 2019

Are the Olympics overrated

Are the Olympics overrated

The time of the year has come for the Olympics to roll around, the two weeks when the world sends their best athletes to come face to face in multiple sporting events. They compete for the glory of their country and for the piece of gold, silver, or bronze medal.They will have the respect of their country and the world will know that they have beat some of the world’s best.

A lot of the world loves to watch the games but a lot of the world dislike watching it or think its a waste of time and money. There are many people who think that Olympics are just not worth the effort or the money. Also many people come to believe that the Olympics have many corruption issues going on outside of the game’s with budget, gambling, and placement of the games. The Olympics always have budget to go off of but since 1896, the Olympics keep going off budget. In 2016 Rio was 1.6 billion dollars off or 51% off budget according to studies by Business Insider.

They have ton of corruption. There are many reports and evidence that show the Olympics have a ton of corruption starting off with gambling. Yes they have appropriate ways to place bets on their sport/ athlete/ country, there are rumors/ incidence that underground gambling of high wagers are happening with even the countries government people are in it. Also Utah 2002 Olympics has multiple rumored to have many bids issues also had many cases of bribing on the location on where the Olympic.  

Over all many people have their opinion about having the Olympics, wanting them or wasting the money for them. Money that could be used more better things then a sport event. It’s a cool event to have around but why waste all the money that could be used for the country’s financial problems. But on the other hand it’s a honor to have there pride in the country to win and be known as the best in the world. Some aspects the Olympics can be overrated but overall great event’s happen.

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