04:00 pm
14 October 2019

Athlete Feature

Athlete Feature

We have chosen to do an Athlete Feature on DJ Frye and Korinne Mitchell. We have chosen one boy and one girl and have asked them questions.  These two athletes have done amazing in their sports and we would like to recognize them for the good work they’ve done this year.

Korinne Mitchell is one of Bonneville’s cheerleaders. Mitchell is 17 years old. “Obviously my favorite snack is fruit snacks… I mean they’re just so good,” Mitchell said. Mitchell said, she doesn’t know how long she has been doing cheer, but that she has been doing it for a while. “Uhh, I don’t really know to be honest, I guess it’s been a while.” Mitchell, and the rest of the Bonneville cheerleaders went on to take state this year. What a year it’s been for them. Congratulations.  Mitchell deserves some recognition for doing a great job on being a great cheerleader for Bonneville. Good luck in your upcoming years. Thank you for cheering on our Lakers!


Our next athlete feature is DJ Frye. Sophomore DJ Frye was on the boys basketball team this year. Although basketball is now over, we would still like to congratulate him for his great season. Frye also enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. “I enjoy basketball because it’s just something I grew up doing,” Frye explained. He likes doing basketball because it gives him something to do and it keeps him in shape.  Frye said that he isn’t really sure when he started basketball. “My favorite drink is Gatorade or water for sure, they are some of the best drinks during a game or after. You got to stay hydrated,” said Frye. Frye also said he would get back to me on what his favorite snack is, “There’s just too many.” Frye said, that his role model is “Kobe Everyday.” Frye said that Kobe is the best player and he has done some good things in the sport. “Jordan’s good, but Kobe? That’s where it’s at for me, everyday without a doubt.” He Frye loves basketball and is very excited about March Madness.  Filling out his bracket was “one of the first things I did this month.” We wish you luck with your bracket DJ. Thanks for being a great Laker Athlete.


We would like to thank these athletes for answering our questions. We would also like to congratulate them on a great season. Thank you for being a Laker athlete and for doing so well in your sports. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming years, and hope you find continued success.


Once a Laker, Always a Laker!


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