04:03 pm
14 October 2019

Athlete Features

by: Cameron Kronmiller

Male Athlete Feature: Ben Nichols

Ben Nichols is captain of the Bonneville High boys tennis team. Nichols plays doubles usually with Jeremy Hopkins, but with an injured leg, Hopkins won’t be able to play, leaving it undecided who Nichols will play with next. Nichols said “this season has gone excellent so far. We’ve swept all of our matches  and took second place in a tournament in St. George. It was still good to take second because there were 22 teams competing. My favorite highlight so far for sure was taking second in that tournament. Although i don’t plan to continue my tennis career after high school, I have high hopes for this season.”

Nichols doesn’t only impact the matches that he plays in, but also the matches of all of his teammates. Junior Cade Adams said “Ben is very nice. He is very good at getting people excited to play. He has some of the most enthusiasm of anyone on the court. He has all the qualities that a good captain needs. Also, he is the owner of the team mascot, Gary, who is a weiner dog.”

It is no question why Nichols is captain of the Bonneville tennis team. He is very well liked among the team and coaches. He is hoping to lead his team to victory this year, and feels very confident that they have what it takes to become champions.

Female Athlete Feature: Rachel Garner

Rachel Garner is one of the captains for the Bonneville High track team. She competes in hurdles, high jump and long jump, making it easy to understand why she was chosen as a captain. Garner said “I would say this season has been pretty good for me. Overall I think the team has done really well this season.” When you look at some the things that Garner has done this season, It is pretty obvious what has made it such a good season. She said “Some highlights so far for this season have been qualifying for state in high jump, long jump, and getting a new PR in hurdles.”

When asking her teammates, it becomes very clear why she was chosen as a captain. Senior Maya Draney said “Rachel is such a good captain. She has the qualities a captain should have, like being committed to the team, athleticism, she’s always positive even if something doesn’t go the way we hoped, and she makes practice fun and not dreadful. Rachel is very good at the events she competes in, that’s why she was chosen to be a captain and why she’ll be able to continue track after high school.”

Garner plans to continue her track career after high school, but first she needs to choose a college to compete for. But until then, her next meet is April 25th, at Ogden High School at 3:30. The date for state competitions is still undecided, but we wish Garner luck when she competes!


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