04:03 pm
14 October 2019

Best Places to Get Dresses for a Dance

Best Places to Get Dresses for a Dance

by: Maya Draney

Are you struggling to find a dress for a dance? Here are some awesome places to find dresses with a wide range of style and prices. It can be very hard to find the right dress for you, but these dress stores will hopefully make it easier to find the right dress!

The first place to get a dress for a dance could be at Dillards. Dillards has dresses that are very cute and stylish. They have a wide variety of short and long dresses and the price ranges vary. Junior Skye Luke said “They are simple dresses and nothing too extravagant but still pretty. I would definitely recommend it!” The dresses at Dillards are a lot more plain and simple compared to some other dress shops. Dillards has good quality dresses and good prices, so if your looking for a place to get your dress for a dance Dillards is highly recommended.

If you are looking to rent a dress, Once Upon a Whimsy has a great selection of dresses to rent or to buy! Once Upon a Whimsy is located in Syracuse. There is a wide variety of dresses at this dress shop, and they have dresses for all different types of dances.

If you are looking for a dress with a lot of poof and a lot of bling, Bliss is your place. Bliss has a variety of dresses but most of their dresses have some kind of bling added to it. You can find dresses there that are more simple but there is only a select few of those types of dresses. Senior Kassie Ratushniak said “ They are good quality dresses but expensive, and I would only get a dress there if they have sales going on.” Dresses at Bliss are definitely on the more expensive side, so if you are planning on getting a dress there go when there are sales because it’ll be a lot cheaper that way!

One last place you could go to find the perfect dress for a dance is Ypsilon. Ypsilon has more expensive dresses but the price you pay is definitely worth it. You can buy many different dresses, they have the largest selection of Sherri Hill. Ypsilon is appointment based, so if you want to get a dress there make sure you set an appointment time. Ypsilon makes the shopping experience unique. They make your experience a personalized, fun experience. When you set up an appointment they give you personal attention and have experts to help you find that perfect dress. Senior Brinley Roubinet said “I love dresses from Ypsilon, they are my favorite dresses to buy. I would definitely recommend them!”

The dress shops that are mentioned above are the most recommended  shops to get a dress for a dance. They all have a different variety of dresses and they all are super cute. There are dresses on the more expensive side if that is what you’re looking for, or there are dresses you can find that are not so expensive but yet really pretty. Make sure you go and check out one of those stores if you are looking for a dress! They won’t disappoint!

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