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14 October 2019

Bonneville’s Best

Bonneville’s Best

Bonneville is filled with a motley crew of incredible teachers who teach a wide variety of subjects. From the core classes of English, History, Math, and Science to the random classes of floral design, dance, and criminal justice, Bonneville’s teachers have a lot of knowledge and personality. Even though they are all unique individuals who bring a lot of good stuff to students’ everyday lives, who are the teachers that stand out as Lakers’ favorites?


When students were asked who their favorite teacher is at school, many of them had a hard time picking because they like the majority of the teachers that they have. Junior Elana Lewis said, “I enjoy most of my classes so it’s really hard to pick just one teacher.” Some students did not want to say who was their favorite because they did not want their teachers finding out. Others knew instantly who their favorite teacher was and could blab on and on about why they were their favorite. Senior Kalea Daily said, “Mrs. Moore is my favorite. She knows how to make every student feel welcome and her classes are awesome.”


“I love growing my family,” Adrianna Moore said about why she loves teaching, “I love my students and faculty team and adopt them all as my own quickly.  I love building lasting relationships through teaching and of course through the arts.” Moore is a new art teacher this year and students have quickly grown to love her and it’s easy to see why.


“[My favorite teacher is] Mr. Hansen. He connects on a personal level, is super kind, and teaches through personal experiences,” Senior Nick Jensen said about his favorite teacher. Many students echoed Jensen’s sentiments about law enforcement teacher Dave Hansen.


Hansen was in law enforcement for 32 years before deciding to be a teacher. Hansen is retiring this year but has enjoyed his teaching career because he loves sharing his experiences with students. Hansen was surprised to hear that so many lakers loved him, “I have no idea [why they’d pick me]! I do bring donuts once in awhile-you know it’s a cop food-and maybe that would have a little to do with it!”


Sophomore Ariana Bryner named Ms. Hart as her favorite teacher because, “she is always so involved with the students and has a really light hearted personality that makes her class really fun.” Brenda Hart was not sure why her students picked her as their favorite, “I’m not sure why any student would do that but I think it’s awesome that they chose me!”


Out of all of the Lakers I interviewed, almost every teacher was named at least twice but one teacher whose name I heard over and over was English teacher Preston Warren. Junior Erin Sheffield said, “Mr. Warren [is my favorite]. He is so genuine to all of his students and truly cares about what is going on and how we can help. Going to his class never felt like a burden but a blessing.” Sophomore Nina Villanueva said, “Please do Mr. Warren! He is nice, understanding, and funny, He will do whatever to help you do your best in his class.”


When Warren was told about the results of the poll he was confused, “I honestly don’t know why students would pick me as their favorite…” After a moment of thinking he said, “My guess would be that since I love this subject so much, I try to make things fun for my students.” Warren tries to make English fun for his students by showing how all of the books relate to them. “For instance, Othello is just a high school drama and everyone has had a time where they wanted to get their revenge like in The Count of Monte Cristo.”


Warren has a reputation of being the meanest, most strict teacher around the junior highs. Junior high english teachers like to use his name as a scare tactic, so it’d be hard for ninth graders to believe he was named as one of the best teachers at Bonneville by so many students. “Yeah once students have me as a teacher, they realize that I talk a lot of game but I’m actually soft.”


Warren teaches enjoys teaching because he loves his students and seeing their growth. “I’ve been teaching for 20 years. When you’ve been teaching that long, you start running generations deep and I love hearing about older siblings that I taught years ago that are now doing awesome things while I teach their younger siblings.”


With so many incredible teachers at bonneville like Warren, Moore, Hansen and Hart, it’s easy to see why so many Lakers enjoy coming to school to see their teachers. These teachers are educating the future so we’re extremely lucky to have so many teachers who genuinely have an interest in the subjects they are teaching and care about the students they are teaching.


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