03:59 pm
14 October 2019

Bower’s got the Power

Bower’s got the Power

By: Emery Greenwood

“My favorite part about teaching is the students, for sure,” said English teacher Caitlin Bowers.


Bowers is an eleventh and twelfth grade English teacher. Bowers grew up at Bonneville High School, she spent time in her father’s classroom and now has one of her own. When asked about whether or not it was strange to work in the high school she attended, Bowers said, “It’s weird that it’s not weird.” Bowers has always felt at home at Bonneville and enjoys working with her father, David Penrod.


As a kid, Bowers loved to read. Her favorite books were and still are the Harry Potter series, “I grew up with them. Every year they released a new book, I was the same age as the characters so it was like we would go at midnight to get them, and it was a big deal. I love the third one because of the time, but then the fifth one because of friendship. Wait, or the sixth one because everyone fights each other at the end and then they all use the same little Lord of the Phoenix buttons.”


Bowers was not only a bookworm growing up, but she was also an athlete and played volleyball throughout high school and college. “ I miss it all of the time. College was so fun. Once you are done with college you will never be at that level again, you’ll never compete at that level again or with and against that caliber of athletes. I am not in that caliber of athletes anymore which is a huge bummer, but I really just miss the brains behind the sport which I have always felt to be the best part.” It is clear to see that Bowers has a love for the game, she once called her own.


As a fellow Laker, Bowers loved her teachers and claims that Mr. Warren was her favorite. Although Warren was her favorite, she was taught by many other teachers who teach with her today. “There is Melton who gave me an ice cream sandwich because I was the only person to not take the AP Calc test when I was a junior. . . Mr. Edwards was awesome. I had Mrs. Finder as well.” Bowers has since created lasting friendships with her fellow teachers and claims Angie Williams as her best friend both in and outside of school.


Caitlin Bowers has learned a lot about students by being a teacher. The one piece of information she wishes she would have known in high school and hopes to teach her students is that the point of school isn’t the grade but understanding the content. “ When I was a student there was so much pressure about the grade and I get that, but now that I am a teacher I am more like do they [the students] get it? A grade is not the end of the world. Now that I’ve been through it [school] and didn’t die because of a hard assignment or lower grade, I wish that everyone could adopt the mindset that school is about content because the grade will even out. By you just doing your work, your grade will even out but if it doesn’t the question is more did you learn anything versus did you get the grade. I understand that everyone wants the grade because I was there, but now its fine because C’s get degrees.”


We are so happy that Mrs. Bowers chooses to call Bonneville home. She is truly an outstanding teacher and embodies the phrase, Once a Laker, always a Laker.

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