04:08 pm
14 October 2019

Childhood stores disappearing

Childhood stores disappearing

This year there have been a lot of stores reportedly closing down or going bankrupt. The kids legendary store Toys R Us is shutting their doors and closing up shop. The past couple of months they been having deals to get rid of their products to get their money’s worth. Other stores like Claire’s are also reporting bankrupt. Also stores that have been predicted to go out because of money or because different methods of other stores/companies have been using. Redbox was founded in 2002 for renting out movies to people and has been renting since 2009. Doing that, they started slowing down Blockbuster is business and eventually put them out of business.

Stores like Gamestop that has been doing the same, selling physical game discs. But recently people have been going to buy physical games less and less, all because people would prefer digital copies of the game and it’s a less hassle to take care of and they would be one click away instead of getting up and changing the whole disk to play the next game. Also digital copies won’t break and you would always have them even if you delete it you could always re-download them. Its a sense of security for  the games and its worth. Plus most games they have are almost always have deals going on. Steam “is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, which offers digital rights management, multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking services” (Wikipedia source) has been selling games for download on pc and have been toes to toes against Gamestop.

Kids are also growing up different. A lot of parents are just putting them in front of a screen so they can calm them down and have them sit while they do their thing. They get toys and art supplies but prefer the screen and play games. Toys R Us and Claire’s stores are slowing down in sells because of this. Some Parents have different parenting skills and had kids grow up a different way. So that’s another way the sales are going down. Kids would rather have a phone or a type of screen to be on than a toy they can play with. Nowadays  you could become famous without even trying just by uploading something you liked to do and kids noticed that and want to try with phones or play games on phones.

Overall kids have everything when it comes to toys to phones and some kids prefer to have toys and other kids prefer to have phones. They have what they see fit for entertainment and their enjoyment.

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