04:01 pm
14 October 2019

Day Date ideas

What are some great day date ideas? Well, we should learn. I have gone around the halls in Bonneville asking people what their ideas of a great day date would be for them before a dance. The responses were quite clear. We have taken a poll of what people thought would be a great day date. Here are the answers.


First up against each other was the Aquarium or the Trampoline park. When I asked Breeony Keblis what she thought a good day date would be she responded with “I’m not sure to be honest, but one place i know a lot of people like to go to is the trampoline place by the mall.” In the end the Trampoline park idea won the vote 38-31. So if your looking for a little fun work out before the dance take your date to the trampoline park and have a “flipping” great time!


The next ones up against each other is Go Carts or Boondocks. Hakim Kambale said he would much rather Go Karts because it’s a lot more fun to him. It turns out a lot of people agrees with Hakim. Go Karts won the vote 41-28. If your feeling a  little competitive and you wanna pull a fast win over your date i would recommend Go Karts.


Next up is Ice Skating or Go on a Hike. A lot of people would rather go on a more scenic adventure rather than go ice skating. The idea that won the vote 46-23 is going on a hike. I would definitely recommend going on a hike as well. That way you can go on a adventure and get to know your date a little better, plus a little work out wouldn’t do anyone any harm. So if your feeling a little wild and adventurous a hike is the way to go.


Would you rather go to the dinosaur park or go the puppy farm? According to my polls the public would rather want to go to the puppy farm. Puppy Farm won this vote 48-21, for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want to go see and play with little, cute, adorable puppies? So if you’re feeling a little sentimental and and need something to cuddle, Puppy Farm is the place.


It’s a close one between Lagoon and the Classic Fun Center. Just kidding. Lagoon won this vote by 68%. Lagoon is a great place to be with your friends. It’s great to get to know your date and have a great time there at Lagoon. Have a great day at Lagoon.


Ahead by 28 points is Ziplining over the Alpine Coaster. Yes, you read it right. People would rather go Ziplining over going on the Alpine Coaster. Which honestly is no big surprise. So if you are looking for a thrilling time take your date to go ziplining!


The people have spoken! They would like to go to a Jazz game instead of going to a Salt Lake Real game. So get a running start on everyone and take your date to a Jazz game! Maybe go and get some hot dogs and ice cream after and make it a truly amazing time!


With a late entry we have either Toads or a Bake Off. I asked Jazzy Bollwinkel why she wanted to do the bake off she answered by saying “Because you can get to know the person.” A bake off is a great idea to show you’re skills in the kitchen!  So don’t be shy and let them know what that food was made of! Like Jazzy said this is a great opportunity to get to know your date, to see what they like and what they don’t like! Just be careful of those darn allergies!


I wasn’t able to get another idea, but Natilee Shock came up with a great idea! She had suggested Escape Rooms. If you aren’t familiar with those. It is when some people lock you and a couple of your friends in a room together and you all have to work together to find clue in order to get out. You can get a certain time limit that you have in the room.


I hope this article helped you and your date figure out what you would like to do before you go to the dance! Have a great time at your day date!

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