04:01 pm
14 October 2019

Only yes means yes!

Only yes means yes!
Director Harvey Weinstein

by: Savannah Stott


2017 is a year of freedom, in this day and age people are more truthful about their personal battles and they can speak up about these things freely without being judged. In previous years, like all through the 1900’s, people were to keep their personal battles to themselves. Society back then was very held back and when “hard to deal with topics”came out they were shut down. In today’s society people are allowed to speak openly and are not shut down due to uncomfortable topics.


Beginning in October 5th, 2017 the New York Times published a detailed article on Director, Harvey Weinstein. The article states decades of the sexual harassment Weinstein committed on multiple women. The allegations started with an Actress, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, then  many more came out. Weinstein sent out a “heartfelt” apology and states that he is taking a break from his company and that he is working with his therapist.


Since these allegations on Weinstein, a tremendous amount of victims have come forward and told their story. The hashtag #metoo came out about people who have been sexually harassed. With the hashtag #metoo coming out regular people and celebrities have come forward with the hashtag on platforms like twitter and Instagram. Others took a more forward approach and calling out their harassers. The celebrities that were called out for these allegations were mainly male but some female celebrities were caught in the mix too.


Melanie Martinez; a singer, songwriter, was accused by Timothy Heller her friend of many years. These are the most recent allegations to come out. Heller came out on twitter with a long thread of tweets. Hellers tweets stated how Martinez had sexually harassed her while being on tour. Martinez has denied these allegations, stating: “She never said no.” Heller has not spoken out about these allegation since the tweets.


The harassment scandals have gone around to all workplaces in America. From Congress, Directors, Actors, all the way to ESPN sports. The allegations come from near and far and men and women combined. Allegations were mainly celebrity men but that does not mean that women can not make these mistakes.  


The year 2017 was full of alot of misfortune, but it also is an age of freedom. It is amazing how comfortable and free you can be about your problems. With the Weinstein accusations started a new age of power against people that have wronged us and never got justice. The accusations were not made to hurt or harm anyone, but they need to be said so others can right their wrongs. Men and Women now see how something that was not a big deal to them may have been a very big deal to others. Treat people with respect, and remember, only yes means yes!

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