04:20 pm
14 October 2019

The 5 W’s Of Debate.

Guess what Lakers! Debate dominated Regionals last weekend!


Placing second as a school as a whole next to Park City meaning we qualified for state which happened the 9th and 10th this month at Salem Hills High School! Region duo’s Jayden Priest And Kendall Clarke placed 10th as well as 3rd at state. Regionals, Gabi and Madi Stone placed 2nd in two on two debate, Antonio Ortega placed 5th in Congressional Debate, Fayth Naylor placed 7th in Oratory, Adam Montgomery placed 2nd in Oratory! By some of the team placing second at regionals qualified us for state. The team defiantly dominated state to the best of their abilities, placing 5th as a whole without persons in three categories on the


I did want to go over something, I noticed that many students do not recognize what debate actually is, or how much prep the team goes through. So I wanted to go over it, since I am on the debate team.


Is Debate even a sport?


Yes, Debate is a mentally challenging sport for those who are ready to work hard and prove their point with fact rather than opinion. The definition of the Debate from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary pronounces that “The formal discussion of a motion (see 1motion 3a) before a deliberative body according to the rules of parliamentary procedure”.  Which in a way means, Having a factual argument in front of a council, on whether or not the case, legislation, or speech was evidence enough to support yes, or no, it should(n’t) pass.

A quote from an anonymous sophomore was confused, while another was very convinced it wasn’t, “It’s not a sport because it’s not physical.” Yet not all sports have to be physical. Debate is an academic sport, with all the same requirements that are needed to compete in any physically inclined one we have to offer at Bonneville, 2.0, no more then one F, no drugs. The basics.


How long does Debate spend on preparing a case before state?


“An hour” Anonymous, Sophomore. “I’d say maybe 3 hours” Anonymous, Teacher. Yet depending on the person, the average time one of them spends on a case would be around TEN hours across a two week grace period between competitions. Meaning they work for the full hour during a two day and three day school week, 30 minutes at least at home on off days and on weekends. Many of the members take it seriously, Coach Trevor Osborn defiantly does and has quoted on many occasions things along the line of allowing people onto the team with work ethic and an urge to compete of course.  

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