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14 October 2019

Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave
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When the image of Bonneville High is brought into consideration, everyone has their own unique perspective. During any major assembly, this topic is always mentioned. Teachers, Student Government, and faculty all push our student body to ponder about the importance of this label of a Laker. “What does being a Laker mean to you?”


We are the home of the Lakers, but what exactly IS being a Laker? “Accepting everyone and anyone, no matter who they are,” said Junior Class Officer Daxton Waterfall. This idea is definitely a big part of Laker requirement, but moreover should be thought of as a basic human value. If not just having acceptance of everyone, then what else does the title of a Laker contain?


Blayke Dow, a senior cheerleader, said, “Never giving up something you want.” This can be applied to sports, grades, friends, and life in general. Being a Laker can be fighting tirelessly for what you want, even when you feel like giving up.


For instance, working for a football championship, accomplishing a 4.0 GPA, or dating a certain special someone. A good piece of insight from Dow, but not entirely the full meaning of a Laker.


In the end, being a Laker; is simply just being a Laker. “It means helping others in need, loving each other like a family, and having pride,” said Cade Christensen, a sophomore officer.


Being a Laker is loving your school, admiring the people in that school, and having pride of that school. Being a Laker is cheering at games, plays, and assemblies. Being a Laker is supporting Laughterstruck, drum line, HOSA and the debate team. Being a Laker is knowing your values and sticking to them, even when nobody else does.


We as Bonneville High School are a massive body of students and teachers surrounded by currents of potential. When we ride the wave of Laker pride, we become united in an unbreakable bond. “A Laker to me is someone who has school spirit,” said Marilee Whitt, sophomore. In my opinion, being a Laker is letting go of hard times, standing up for our school and its students, and enjoying our high school experience. We are the classes of 2019-2021, and we, as students, are the reason this school remains a place of inspiration.

So the next time the question of “What does being a Laker mean to you?” is asked, we will say, being a Laker is simply being the best representation of ourselves, and of Bonneville High, that we could possibly be.

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