04:01 pm
14 October 2019

Senior Quotes…Should We Keep Them?

Senior Quotes…Should We Keep Them?

The members of the yearbook staff are considering getting rid of the long running tradition of senior quotes. Senior quotes should stay in yearbook. They can have a huge part in how people remember a classmate. When people are looking at their yearbook in coming years, they will be able to remember classmates by their senior quote.


One of the biggest reasons we should keep senior quotes is because it would make the yearbook less personable if we got rid of them. Because a yearbook is one of the few memories a student will take with them from high school, it should represent a student’s high school years as best as possible.
Karly Conolly, a member of the yearbook staff, said, “I think it gives every senior a chance to express their voice and do something funny.” Most senior quotes are funny, and all high school students like humor. The humor in senior quotes make the yearbook a lot more interesting to high school students than it would be otherwise. Seniors will be more likely to pay closer attention to their yearbook if it has funny senior quotes in them. Senior quotes give an opportunity to every senior to be creative and come up with a clever quote. They capture the many different personalities and humor of each person in the senior class.


With senior quotes, every senior has an opportunity to have a special part in the yearbook. Senior quotes make every senior feel included. These quotes give opportunities for people to participate in the yearbook that wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. Every senior can have a voice, even if it is just one quote. Having senior quotes, a student that is not part of any clubs or crews would still have the opportunity to be a part of the yearbook. With senior quotes everyone is able to have a voice and express themselves in the yearbook.


Every student in high school looks forward to their senior year when they can have a senior quote in the yearbook. If senior quotes got taken away, many underclassmen would be disappointed that they would not have the opportunity to have a senior quote in their yearbook. Many students look forward all through high school for the chance to put a senior quote in the yearbook. Senior quotes make a seniors yearbook more special. Without senior quotes, the yearbook would have less meaning to the senior class.


Senior quotes have the ability to make the yearbook more entertaining. Without these quotes students would be less likely to look at the yearbook more in depth. Having senior quotes makes the students more engaged with the yearbook. These quotes can make students feel more involved and included in the yearbook.
Abby Bradley, a senior, said, “They’re fun to have. It shows the different personalities of people.” Having senior quotes in the yearbook will make the yearbook more memorable. They can have a huge impact on how you will remember your high school years. Given the opportunity, every senior should jump at the chance to have a senior quote in the yearbook.

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