04:02 pm
14 October 2019

Hottest Spots for After School Grub

When it comes to finding the perfect place to get an after-school snack, there’s so many options to choose from whether you hit a drive through or just a gas station. The common theme here is, something fast. Sophomore Kenna Duncan said she “would rather just pick up and head back home with her food with no other company besides her ride.”


The ability to drive definitely seems to make finding the perfect after-school snack much easier. Sophomore Kaydence Goodwin said her getting her license recently “has made fast food more of an option now that she can go further distances.”


A popular option throughout the Sophomore class has been Costa Vida. Duncan raves about their sweet pork burritos and their delicious green smother. She doesn’t mind the lack of company because she claims the food and burritos are worth going in and out alone.


Goodwin agrees, although she says Costa Vida isn’t quite her first choice.  She still likes it because it is “easier to get to and has a better parking lot than my first choice.” With Costa Vida as a close second, Goodwin put Chick-Fil-A as her first. She says it’s simple and easier to choose what you want with less options.


Junior Kaleb Kasper agrees with Duncan when he says it’s all about the sweet pork burritos from Costa Vida. Kasper said, “They are the BEST burritos. My order is always a sweet pork burrito with black beans, mild sauce, lettuce, pico, and guacamole.” Another popular answer among the Junior class was Fizz. Junior Jason Bush said, “Not only do they have amazing varieties of drinks, but they also have amazing sugar cookies.” Fiiz has been quite the hit for a while, but maybe their sweet treats need just as much recognition as their sodas.


The seniors had a different favorite.  Brendon Gardner said, “My favorite option for an after-school snack is Maverick. They have multiple options, and they aren’t as expensive as some fast food options.” There are multiple seniors that agree with what Gardner said. For example, Patrick Hill said, “Maverick is a good option for a group to go because they can all get the snacks they prefer.” So, although it may not be good for a whole meal, the varieties make up for it. Maverick proves suitable for light snacks and something quick and convenient.


When there are so many places to enjoy after school it almost seems impossible to decide what’s best. But when you find something that suits your taste and your convenience, do you really want to try other options? We tend to want something fast and ready-to-go because it’s what we get to go home with after long days.


My opinion rests with Goodwin’s first choice. Something with simple options and a drive through to make it all easier, Chick-Fil-A holds number one to me. So what’s number one for you?

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