04:16 pm
14 October 2019

The Power of School Spirit

The Power of School Spirit
Photo by Korinne Mitchell

When asked the meaning of school spirit, many of the students at Bonneville explained it as the love they have for their school, however some students explain school spirit to be more than just that.  Joe Cloward, a student body officer, said, “It is something that brings students together, and gives them something to fall back on when things are hard.”


School Spirit can impact each student differently. From the most popular girl in school, to our hardest working athletes, and even the quiet kids that sit alone at lunch, school spirit takes on different definitions but share one common meaning, power. The power to make a difference not only in student’s school experience but also makes a big impact on athletes and our success in sports. Cloward said, “It gives athletes a purpose to play for.”


Similarly, varsity volleyball player, Mikayla Buckway said, “It pumps players up and gives them a desire to win no only for themselves but for Bonneville.” School spirit is seen the most at football games and other sporting events, because that is where it can make the biggest impact. This school pride has been expressed in many ways such as silly costumes and painted faces to the smallests things like standing up for our school on Twitter and other social media platforms.


Cheering for our athletes at sporting events is the most common way to express school spirit, and helps improve the performance of those playing. Buckway also said“Having my peers cheer me on at games make me want to play even better and gives me a boost of energy.”

This spirit rubs off on our athletes and continues to grow everyday, it seems to be contagious here at Bonneville. One of the student body officers main goals this year is to get everyone involved in different school events and increase our school spirit.


There are many different ways our officers, and cheerleaders have worked to increase school spirit this year. There are plenty of new cheers, as well as an Oar given to the student who cheers the loudest at the football games.The oar is used to pump up our student section and motivate them to be as loud as they can. The first student to have the honor of holding the oar was Kaylie Harmer. Harmer is a great example of school spirit, and does everything she can to show it.


School Spirit is all about being proud of where you come from and not being afraid to show it. The spirit at Bonneville continues to draw people closer together and make a big impact on our athletes and in our sports events.  Once a Laker… ALWAYS a laker.

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