04:28 pm
14 October 2019

School Life Made Easy

Starting off a new school year is always complicated, especially high school! Hearing some different views, opinions, and examples from Bonneville seniors, teachers and some online hacks was extraordinary because you never know what you’re going to get. 


 A math teacher, Ken Perkins. He said, “Keep a planner, and stay organized, even if it’s just for activities.” In school, balancing homework with home life, work, and hobbies gets chaotic sometimes. It’s always helpful to make sure you have time for all. Barb Fitzgerald, “Don’t use your phone in class!” Kids these days are hooked to their phones and they are a huge distraction, if you put it away during class you’ll be more engaged in the subject instead of social media or who’s texting you. 


Talking to some of the high schoolers they had different responses, but one of them that stood out came from Jaxxon Baxter a senior, who said, “Type everything! Especially when you have bad handwriting.” That’s a very good one because not only can your teacher read it, but it’s easier to access homework and turn it in. 


Kimber Wright, gave an example as, “Don’t sacrifice your grades for your social life.” and Shaylyn Sorenson, also added, “Pretty much nobody cares, and you just have to do you.” High school kids love having “cliques” and being popular or just fitting in is more important to them than passing a class, it’s okay to stay in on a weekend and do homework. 


Having the chance to read different perspectives online had it’s perks because most of them are never mentioned to students or even teachers, as in; Make your lock screen your class schedule for the first week, it’s most helpful for sophomores! Use color codes on your notebooks to easily grab the right one, also labeling is very important! Shorten your notes to where you understand them instead of having to take up time to write down the whole thing, set reminders for due dates. Another one is to memorize something read it 10 times, say it 10 times, and write it 2 times. Keeping a positive mind is important, always know how to keep yourself motivated! For you shy people just remember never be scared to ask for help. Always give yourself mental breaks. 


Hopefully some of these opinions and listings will help get you through all your school years, good luck!

By: Madison Wheatley

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