04:03 pm
14 October 2019

The Music Behind the Muscle

The Music Behind the Muscle
Photo by: Sarah Howe

Football games are a staple of the high school experience. For many years football has always had the accompaniment of music. This great tradition goes back many generations. There have been years of good vibes from the Pep band and Drumline. Over those years, the fun upbeat tunes are what make football games the best place for school spirit to thrive.


Sophomore cheerleader Raeanah Stubbs said, “The bands are one of the best parts of the game.” The cheerleaders talk about this subject all the time. They love to dance along the side lines. The music gives them the chance to do something while not doing a routine. Stubbs said, “When they play on game day mornings, it gets the rest of us hyped up and ready to go to the games.” And that is very true. Seeing fellow students have school pride makes it an easier place to have fun and show support.


Having the opportunity to even have a group of individuals who want to play music and bring happiness to others around them is amazing. Some schools do not have the opportunity to do so, which is very unfortunate. Bryce Chamberlain, the instructor for the Pep Band and Drum line said, “Going to a football game without a band is like going to the movies without popcorn.” People may not go to the football games just for the music. It is just a fun perk. With the music at the football games it gives amazing opportunities. Chamberlain also said, “For us, performing at football games gives us a chance to showcase our talents to a larger and more diverse audience than we would normally be able to reach.” These students are hard working, and bring a fun aspect to the football games.


Having school pride is very important. Without it, the school gets very dull and boring. Time and time again people already think that school is a boring place, and that it is the worst place to be. These bands prove that theory to be wrong every time they play. Their dedication is always an inspiration. Never has there been a silent football game. The cheers and loud melodies bring out the adrenaline and spirit in everyone. It proves that the establishment of these two musical organizations will always be a asset.


Clearly, pep band and Drumline plays an important part in school spirit. Without it life in school would be drastically different. Football games would become silent. The great sounding melodies would cease, as would the fun lively atmosphere. Senior, Sam Howe, a member of the Pep Band said, “Pep band is a fun experience that you can get nowhere else. Both Pep Band and Drumline are getting school rep. We play the fight song which is becoming more and more of a tradition. I do believe that Pep Band makes the games greater. During games we play to entertain. It is a great way for showing school spirit to the students.”


Come rain or shine, there will be a Pep Band and Drumline at high school football games. There will be those who will sacrifice to make the game better and get the crowd going! Working together the athletes, the cheerleaders, the pep band and Drumline make the overall football experience one to remember!

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