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14 October 2019

Meet the Fresh New Faces that Have Joined the Sea of Bonneville

Meet the Fresh New Faces that Have Joined the Sea of Bonneville

Every year at Bonneville, we get great new additions to our school. This year, we got a particularly good bunch. Almost every department got a new teacher and it is definitely for the better. All of the new teachers are bringing awesome, new aspects to our school.


Megan Voigtlaender is the new Chemistry teacher. It is obvious that Voigtlaender has a passion for what she does and hopes to pass it on to the Lakers, “I hope to change the mindset of people that chemistry is impossible.  Granted, it is hard, but not impossible! I want to help students realize that the things that matter the most are the things that you work hard for.”

Megan Voigtlaender


The Special Education Department got a new Megan too.  Megan LeFevor attended BYU Idaho and she did her student teaching at Wahlquist.  This is her first year teaching and she said her favorite thing about teaching is, “seeing the light come on with the students.”  Lefevor also said her favorite thing about Bonneville is the very supportive staff.

Megan LeFevor


Katelyn Christensen is the new addition to the Mathematics department. “Last year I did my student teaching at Bonneville in the same classroom that I teach in now so I already feel at home.” Christensen hopes to help Lakers find enjoyment in Math.

Katelyn Christensen


Alex Land is the new Physical Education and Health teacher. Additionally Land is the new offensive line coach for football and the coach for wrestling. “I hope to be a good role model for my students and to improve Laker athletics as a whole.” Land wants Lakers to know, “If there is anything I can do for any of you, let me know. Also if any of you are interested in wrestling this year, come by my room (133) as soon as possible. Go Lakers!”

Alex Land


In addition to a new physical education teacher, Bonneville also has a new athletic director.  Before coming to Bonneville, Lance Mimnaugh spent 12 years at Fremont, where he was a math teacher in the resourse department.  

At Fremont, Mimnaugh coached football, basketball, and track for a few years. Mimnaugh said he is excited to be at Bonneville because, “I love the direction this school is headed.  I can’t believe the warm welcome I’ve received in such a short time. The faculty and staff here are amazing, and the student body is second to none.”

Lance Mimnaugh


Greg McClune is the new Law Enforcement teacher at Bonneville. McClune became a teacher after a 30 year career in law enforcement because he wants to educate and inform high school students. “I feel that I can bring my experience to the classroom and teach high school students about law enforcement. I hope education will help them better understand that situations [with law enforcement] are not always portrayed well through the media.”

Greg McClune


This year, Kenzie Long became a Laker to teach art. “I hope that I can teach Lakers how to have an appreciation for art.” Like Christensen, Long did her student teaching at Bonneville so becoming a teacher was not a difficult transition.

Kenzie Long


Mindy Nish teaches Family and Consumer Science (FACS) classes this year. “I became a teacher because I want to be a part of helping younger generations prepare for life.” She hopes to encourage students to enroll into FACS classes because they are classes that prepare you for real life. “When you are in one of my classes you will never wonder why you are there and how to apply this to your life because I teach about life!”

Mindy Nish


We have new Chinese teachers at Bonneville this year. From the beginning of the year, Annie Frear [zhulaoshi], has been the teacher for the Chinese program. She will be teaching until Ling Zhang [zhanglaoshi] arrives from China. Both of these teachers are native Chinese speakers so Bonneville is incredibly lucky to have them, especially with the sophomores this year who were previously in the immersion program.

Obviously the fresh faces of Bonneville are going to do a lot of great stuff for our school. If you are not already in one of their classes, introduce yourself to them. These teachers are incredible additions to our school so make sure you prove to them how awesome it is to be a Laker.

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