04:03 pm
14 October 2019

Citte Captures Our Hearts

Citte Captures Our Hearts

Senior Trent Citte started playing football when he was in 1st grade. Citte enjoys the exciting sport of football most because he likes being with his teammates, and learning to work together as a team. He also enjoys working hard in practice and seeing all of the team’s hard work pay off in games.


Citte will always give his best effort in whatever he is doing, whether it’s sports or school. You can always count on him to do the best he can in everything that he does. Citte is known by his classmates to be good at life. He is very busy with all of his activities, but Citte is good at balancing his busy schedule and managing his time. Citte is also known to always has a positive attitude no matter the circumstance.


Cittie’s favorite memory of football was the game against Stansbury on October 11, 2018. Citte said, “It was fun beating the #1 team in the region on our senior night.” Bonneville took the victory against Stansbury with a final score of 17-7. Because it was the teams senior night, it made the Lakers win extra special.


When Citte is not working hard on the football field, you will most likely find him on the basketball court. Citte plays plays basketball for Bonneville as well. Outside of sports, his favorite hobby is hanging out with his family. When he is spending time with his family, they like to watch movies and play sports together. Citte also loves anything that involves music. Citte said, “I enjoy almost all types of music, but if I had to choose folk would be my favorite.”


Cittie’s plans after he graduates high school are to serve an LDS mission. After his mission, he plans to attend college. His dream college would be Weber State University or Southern Utah University. Citte said, “I’ll go to college anywhere I am able to play sports.” We wish him and the rest of the football team a successful season.


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