04:02 pm
14 October 2019

Nearing an Open House for a Riveting Opera House

Bonneville High has been the mother of play production for many years. The latest upcoming Bonneville piece, The Phantom of the Opera, is sure to be a classic. Hauntingly imaginative, this production is making its way into the Laker auditorium during the month of November. Showtimes are November 9th through November 19th, so mark your calendars Lakers!


The main character of the production is a man known as The Phantom, played by Jake Coates. Living underneath an Opera House, he becomes accustomed to the ways of the building. He later falls in love with Christine Daae, played by Jessica Moss, an aspiring opera singer of the house. The Phantom helps her to attain big roles by helping her find her voice.


As interesting as the play’s storyline is, the cast performing this very production may be arguably more intriguing.


Jacob Coates, as the lead of “The Phantom,” feels very connected to the play and his character in that play. Coates said, “When I play these roles, I’ve felt the love, and these characters really do affect me as a person.”


Coates’s favorite scene is the ending scene, starring himself, Christine, and Raoul. The Phantom has just discovered he was never loved by Daae, and that her heart belongs to Raoul. “When he realizes that Christine doesn’t love him anymore, he walks back into his lair, and there’s just this moment of silence… this is one of the only times in the show where there’s just silence,” said Coates.


Coates also owns a gold ring, marked with an E, in correspondence to the first name of the Phantom, Eric. “His first name is Eric, and that’s why i have this ring, because i’ve kind of became him, like I have sentimental value towards him as a character.”


Coates deeply sympathizes with his role, having recently experienced similar relationship havoc as the Phantom. “That’s definitely helped me to get into that character because at the of The Phantom Of The Opera denies him and he only realizes she never loved him when she kisses him, at the end there,” said Coates.

Jessica Moss, a senior with a leading role of Christine Daae. “She is trying to balance her life between what she thought she knew and reality,” said Moss. While being the love interest of both Raoul and the Phantom, Daae is also an aspiring vocalist. The love triangle is the necessary seed of this great plot.


Moss has always been a part of theater, even since she was little, and has worked particularly hard for the outcome of this one. “Be prepared to feel something incredible when you leave.” said Moss.


Another mentionable cast member of the Phantom of the Opera is Jackson Buckway, a Bonneville Junior. He plays the part of Raoul, or Vicomte de Chagny, ‘the boyfriend.’ He is a major part of the interestingly afflicted love triangle between Christine Daee, ‘the Phantom’ and Raoul himself.

Buckway’s favorite scene is the a scene including Prima Donna; one of many unique songs of the production. “I get to be devious and yell,” said Buckway. He is very excited for performance nights. “I only hope that we will be able to take you out of the world for a couple of hours and give you some real entertainment.” said Buckway.


“We as a cast have worked hard and are hoping that you enjoy our show.” said Buckway. So Lakers, ‘drop the curtain’ on any hesitation and make sure to experience this beautiful classic. The masked Phantom and his of a complex love triangle are sure to catch the attention of anyone and everyone. Come experience The Phantom of the Opera, a classic play, and be prepared to be moved.

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