04:31 pm
14 October 2019

Standardize Testing: Worth The Stress

Standardize Testing: Worth The Stress
You will pass test with a good attitude

Junior year has a reputation as it is always keeping you on your toes. It also has some beneficial purposes, for a lot of students and past students. Now a huge staple for every junior year is the SAT/ACT test. Speculation has always been that the test is difficult although in all actuality it is good for every aspect of a students education.


The difference between the ACT and the SAT is essay content, and it also determines where you are taking the test, by which test you take. Now, the test usually puts negative thoughts into the students mind that the test is going to be horrible and you are going to fail miserably, but that is far from the truth.


First off, the tests really are not as hard as others say they are, or how hard students think they are. “I seriously regret stressing a lot because the test is like seriously seventh grade questions.” said Senior Jaycee Smith. The test is testing you on everything you have learned thus far, and even if the test is difficult for you, it shows you what topics to work on for colleges in your future.


Colleges in the United States like to look at ACT/SAT scores to determine your admission into their school. That says a lot about how important the scores actually are. Junior Olivia Mosher said, “When I  hear ACT/SAT I immediately think college or scholarships and testing of course.”


Obviously what comes to most students heads when hearing the words ‘ACT/SAT’, colleges or preperation for school, and life. To put it into perspective ACT/SAT are important to students because that is what is going to help them get into college. The ACT/SAT shows colleges that students are serious about their education from how hard they work and the scores the get from it.


Now, the ACT/SAT help socially too, with friendships and study groups. Many people have reported that the groups have helped them make friends and share certain studying tactics with one another, Mosher said “The thought of them starts to stress you out, but the study groups help you out alot I think.” They also help you get better at studying and with preparing for tests. The academic atmosphere make students feel more like college and that is good practice for college or employment.


Furthermore, the test is nothing to worry about, even though it may stress you out for a short time. The atmosphere it brings prepares you for college and its good social skills also. You will be glad you took it because it will help you excel academically and in life.

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