04:03 pm
14 October 2019

Jenna Hansen: Spiking Her Way into Laker Athletics

Jenna Hansen: Spiking Her Way into Laker Athletics

Jenna Hansen is a junior who plays for the varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams. An excellent student, Hansen has dedicated a large amount of her life to volleyball. She is a very hard worker and although she is shy, she communicates well on the court.

When asked what her favorite subject was Hansen said “Science, I like the labs and experiments.” She wants to go into the medical field, but doesn’t know if she wants to deal with animals or people. Hansen has had very good grades her whole life, another example of her great work ethic.

In interviews with friends, coaches, and teammates, it is apparent that Hansen is very quiet. Coach Angie Williams jokingly said “You could say that she’s mute.” Hansen is even quiet on the court, although she talks enough to communicate with her teammates. Even though she is usually silent, she can be very talkative when she is with her friends.

Apparently she can be quite the joker as well. Leah Peterson, teammate, said “My favorite thing about Jenna is her sense of humor. She doesn’t say a lot but when she does say something, it’s usually hilarious.”

When asked what her hobbies are outside of volleyball, Hansen said “I used to do pottery, but I spend the majority of my time playing volleyball.” It is extremely evident that Hansen lives and breathes volleyball.

Her favorite food is potatoes, especially mashed. Her favorite show is “the Middle”, a show about an average middle class family. Between school and volleyball however, she doesn’t have much time to watch it.

Hansen said that she started playing volleyball for a recreational league at South Ogden junior high in 3rd grade, and has been playing ever since. Her commitment shows in her playing skills. She is an extremely talented ds (defensive specialist) this means she usually plays on the back row and is adept at passing the ball after the other team has hit it over the net. Teammate Hailee Spencer said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her [Hansen] mess up a pass,”

She has worked very hard for almost half of her life improving her volleyball skills, and it has paid off. Hansen will most likely be the starting on our varsity team next year, and we cannot wait.

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